Message from the Grand Pharaoh

Robert Rogers, Grand Pharaoh

Greetings and Welcome to the Royal Vagabonds, Inc.

Before I became a member of the Royal Vagabonds, I was always impressed with the name – The Royal Vagabonds. It had such a regal ring to it. I also had many outstanding friends and acquaintances who were members of the club and often heard them brag about their exquisite New Year’s Eve Ball and other social & community activities. After I attended my first Royal Vagabonds NYE Ball, I knew I wanted to become a member. During my fifteen years as an active member, I am pleased and proud to be a ‘Vag’ and even prouder to serve as the newly elected Grand Pharaoh of the club.

The Royal Vagabonds had its early beginnings in the late 1930’s when a small group of professional African American like-minded men came together to form their own social club due to limited social opportunities afforded to ‘men of color’ during that time. Many years later, our current home and grand mansion was purchased at 4315 Westminster Place in the Central West End. Fast forward almost 88 years, the organization is still going strong with over 90 active and honorary members.

Our membership is representative of a highly diverse group of professional and outstanding men, who bring a wealth of talent, skills and knowledge to the club. Many thanks to our members – who work very hard to maintain our brand, upkeep our grand mansion and provide the manpower to sponsor our many social and community events such as our highly anticipated Annual NYE’s Party, Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball, Picnic at the World’s Fair Pavilion, Train Excursions, Annual White Party and many community service and partnership activities.

In 2003, the Royal Vagabonds Foundation, Inc. was formed as the philanthropic arm of the club and was granted 501(c) (3) status in 2007. The Foundation sponsors an Annual Golf Tournament, Fall Jazz Concert and a Leadership Luncheon Awards. Proceeds from the Leadership Luncheon Awards benefit college scholarships for deserving high school seniors who are entering their first year of college.

If you have not had an opportunity to visit or tour our grand mansion or attend any of our first-class events, we kindly invite you to do so by contacting any member or by contacting our office at (314) 533-2528. You will not be disappointed!

Kindest Regards,

Robert G. Rogers
Grand Pharaoh